4 thoughts on “Old fashion vegetable salad

      1. Hey Mr. Man!

        All is getting back on track after a very long summer. Had a lot of deaths and then when that was over of course my two friends had surgery. Be sure and read my last post about the kidney. Noel, this girl is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Of course it is Texas and it is hot, and I just turned on my room air-conditioner and it is spitting water at me! 🙂 I do not know maybe I need another bath????? It is Texas after all and we sweat a lot.

        It is good to be back with all of you again. God did amazing things for me during all of this though. Of course I will be sharing some. I love the place I am at with Him now. I hope for a while He is happy with it, because if I have to take one more journey I am going to have to take stock in a tennis shoe company, as I am walking the soles right off of them!!! 🙂 Take care dear friend and God Bless, SR

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